Pishgaman Noandish registeration Group

Pishgaman Noandish group under the supervision parto faam kian Co. in 2015 was began the activity about intellectual property, patents and company registration and website design. This is proud to do valuable services in the mentioned fields.

Iranian and international patent, knowledge based Co., Trademark and industrial design registration, Website design.


Invention Registration

The patent was mean resource and innovative for technical problem. This solution related to generation of apparatus, production, method or new process or the solution may be related to improvement of production or well-known process. We can register the invention which contains initiative and industrial usage.

Pishgaman Noandish registeration Group

Iranian and International patent, Knowledge - based, Trademark and industrial design registering, Website design.

Company Registration

Pishgaman Noandish registeration group with experience staff and adviser are presented registration, changes, proceeding and assessment for knowledge - based and PJs Companies.

Website design performance and management:

- Informatics part of Pishgaman Noandish group consisted of expert staff in website design field (marketing, informing,…)..
- - Registration of national and international domain
- - Selling of different hosting

Industrial design and trademark Registration.

Industrial design .

Industrial design usually alludes to appearance and shape of goods but in industrial property rights, are form and structure of goods.  ...

trademark Registering.

Trademark is symbol can be separated produced goods of person/institution to produces of another institution.One of the services of Pishgaman Noandish group is trademark and industrial design registration in Iran and other countries....



مارادنبال کنید


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